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Top Dressage Rider Tuny Page Endorses Eastern Townships Acreages Equine Hay

December 08, 2013

Tuny Page


WELLINGTON, FLORIDA – December 10, 2013- Top Dressage rider Tuny Page of Stillpoint Farm, endorses the Townships Blend hay produced by Eastern Townships Acreages Equine (ETA-Equine). ETA-Equine’s specially blended hay is made specifically to meet the nutritional needs of the horses, enabling them to eat all day, the same way they were meant to graze in the wild. In effect, Eastern Townships Acreages Equine brings the pasture to the show horses that are unable to be out in the field as frequently as others.

About Eastern Townships Acreages

Located along the Vermont-Quebec border, Eastern Townships Acreages Equine offers superior quality mix blend hay called Townships Blend. This special blend is made with a combination of their best hay varieties, such as Timothy, Orchard grass, Brome and a little bit of Clover. In addition to providing vital fiber to protein ratios for the horses, this blend tastes good, making it easy to feed and the horses love it. Both modern and scientific approaches come into play with ETA-Equine’s hay blends, developed exclusively with elite sport horses in mind. Whether riders or trainers have an active leisure horse or one who bears a heavy competition schedule, Eastern Townships Acreages Equine’s (http://ETA-Equine.com/pages/our-townships-blend) Townships Blend provides ideal nutrition and taste.

Eastern Townships Acreages Equine is nestled in amongst the scenic Appalachian Mountain range in a small part of southern Quebec. A combination of weather, sun, temperatures and geographic location makes it ideal for growing some of the best hay possible. Offering reasonable prices year-round, ETA-Equine is committed to the provision of superior quality forage products for horses and is now proud to offer their products in Southern Florida.

About Tuny Page

Tuny Page is one of the United States’ most successful Dressage riders.  She has had numerous wins in the FEI Grand Prix arena, which has earned her a ranking among the world’s best. In 2006 Tuny was the U.S. Freestyle Champion and the U.S. Representative to the FEI World Cup.  Tuny was also an alternate to the 2006 World Equestrian Games Team and in 2007 was the U.S. representative at CHIO Aachen.  Tuny’s two current mounts, Alina and Woodstock, competed internationally in 2013 with top finishes in numerous CDI competitions throughout Europe including a berth on the USA Silver Medal Nations Cup Team in Hickstead, England. Alina is currently ranked in the top six U.S. horses preparing for the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. Tuny serves the dressage community on the USET Foundation Board of Trustees and the USEF High Performance and Active Athlete Committee.

Tuny Page, owns and operates Stillpoint Farm in Wellington, Florida, a dressage training facility that provides a superior environment for the development of top sport horses and their riders. A number of internationally known riders and trainers thrive under the professionalism and team spirit fostered at Stillpoint Farm including trainer, Oded Shimoni and Olympic Dressage coach Robert Dover. Tuny has also capitalized on training opportunities with great trainers such as Klaus Balkenhol, Kyra Kyrkland, Jurgen Koschel, and Hubertus Schmidt. 

Why Tuny Page Chooses Eastern Townships Acreages

Page’s training facility provides a formula for success, which includes sound nutrition, such as that provided by Eastern Townships Acreages Equine hay. “First and foremost my horses like the taste and consistency of ETA-Equine’s Townships Blend hay. I am insistent on having horses that are content and happy in the stables and Eta-Equine’s hay accomplishes this. It is important to me that my horses go into competition fit and looking spectacular, to that end, ETA-Equine’s hay is a confirmed part of our feeding program,” said Tuny.

Tuny is a proud endorser and user of Eastern Townships Acreages Equine hay. As a competitive rider and trainer, she realizes the importance of feeding sport horses high quality feed packed with nutrition that supports good health and performance. If top Dressage riders like Tuny Page choose Eastern Township Acreages Equine why shouldn’t you?

To learn more about Tuny Page and Stillpoint Farm, visit http://stillpointfarmdressage.com/. For more information on Eastern Townships Acreages Equine or to learn about their hay products, visit http://ETA-Equine.com or call 1-855-223-2312.



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